10/07/01, 10 a.m. - I've been listening to Maggie's cd a LOT lately. It's a very cool, eclectic mix of musical styles, and some songs just stick in my head and I have to listen more. Well, I was afraid that I would wear out the cd, which would be really bad. I've got a cd burner, and I have made backup copies of some of my cd's before. Now, to clarify, I DO NOT make copies for other people. I will make a copy of a cd for myself, and leave the original in its case on a shelf, and listen to the copy, so I don't wear out the original.

Well, I knew exactly which box my blank cds were in, so I went to get them, and what do I find under the cds? Harry Potter book 2! Now, I'm happy! So I'm sitting here at work, and I'm listening to Maggie's cd, and I've got the HP book sitting next to the cd player, just waiting for lunchtime to come around. And I don't have to worry about wearing it out, or getting scratches or anything on it, cuz the original is safely put away.

Ya know, one thing that I really missed while I was moving was chatting with my friends online .... PsiKo, Sassy, Thrawny, Vash, Thrawn Version 2.0, Ducky, Mariah, Mappy, Bob, Chai, and the rest .... Oh, and just cuz your name's here doesn't mean you're safe ... "Gonna kill ya, Vash" as Zoggy would say :) ... of course, I think he's kidding. I think Zoggy and Vashy are really a couple, and gonna shack up sometime.

Anyway, I missed being able to talk with them while I was offline, and now that I'm back, it's great being able to instant message them or go onto the boards or chatrooms and talk with em. If you go to my links page, you can visit the websites of those who have them ... or click on Sassy's page, and it'll take you to our board.

Well ok ... time to get back to work. Later all.

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