10/05/01, 1:15 p.m. - Actually, I won two awards yesterday. You can see them on the awards page, linked on yesterday's update. I also got two REALLY cool things in the mail yesterday, neither of which I ever thought I'd get.

If you've paid attention at ALL to my site, you know how much I'm into the ISN network from Babylon 5. Well yesterday, I got Jeff Grigg's autograph in the mail. Jeff played Dan Randall in two episodes. Dan was the Anchor who came to interview the crew during season 4's Illusion of Truth, and twisted everything Sheridan and Delenn said. Jeff is also gay (woo hoo!) and has done a LOT of porn films, and moved from doing them to stage acting, and then on the screen. He's also been in shows like Pacific Palisades, and currently is on stage in L.A., in a production called "There's No Place Like Hollywood" which I'd like to see someday (like I'll ever have the money for that! lol).

The other is way cool thing came from Michael York. Michael's someone known to pretty much everyone, due to his extremely varied taste in roles. He was in Logan's Run; he played Basil in Austin Powers; he was in Knots Landing, playing Michelle Phillips's love interest; in Babylon 5, he played Arthur, King of the Britains, in the third season episode "A Late Delivery From Avalon" ... It's that appearance that I will forever remember. Well, I opened up my mailbox last night, and in addition to Jeff's pix, I got two autographs from Michael York! Woo Hoo! Now I'm a happy camper!

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