10/03/01, 2:15 p.m. - Well, I'm on a movie kick today, aren't I? I've just come from thumb.com, where I bought Thumb Wars like 3 years ago. The people there make film parodies using thumbs and lots of computer animation, and the end result is incredibly funny. Thumb Wars is probably the funniest parody I've ever seen. Well, 3 years ago when I got the video, they (or was it 2 years?) had a trailer for Thumbtanic, saying "coming soon" .... and it looked cool too. But they never released it. Then, early this year, they had a message on their website saying to look out for the "Thumb Double Feature" and that it was coming "this summer" ... Well, it came all right. In Japan. *sigh*

Now, for the good news. Not only are they releasing Thumb Wars on DVD (see my wishlist!), but Thumbtanic and several other DVDS. According to the Thumb.com website, this is the release information:

Thumb Wars - October 16, 2001
The Blair Thumb - January, 2002
Thumbtanic - April, 2002
Bat Thumb - June, 2002
The GodThumb and FrankenThumb - late Summer, 2002

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