10/03/01, 12:15 p.m. - Ohhhh coolies! I just found a really cool website. Well, ok, it's cool to ME. I'm sure half of you will probably go "ick" but I like it. It's subspeciesmovies.com. It's devoted to the four Subspecies movies and the spin-off Vampire Journals. It includes cast photos, reviews, etc. It's also brand-new. I checked the registration details, and it was just started September 10, two days before this journal.

I also found out, in reviewing the presskit for Mummy Returns (I love my sources! Thanks!!) that there's a whole series of books based on The Mummy. I've added them to my wishlist.

Speaking of my wishlist ... I NEED The Mummy Returns DVD. It's not a want. It's not a desire. It is a physical need. I saw the display for it at Best Buy last night, and it's only 18 bucks. If you're sitting there going "I wonder what Mitch would like?" or if you've got 18 bucks burning a whole in your pocket, or if you're feeling extremely generous .... I NEED this DVD!

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