9/23/01, 3:45 p.m. - I only have a few minutes to write, so you won't have much to read. We've got the U-Haul pretty much crammed full of stuff. Kim, her brother, and 2 of their friends (can we say HOTTIES? I knew we could!) came over and just kicked butt loading the heavy stuff that I was dreading. I'd done a pretty good job of getting boxes out there, but I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to get the couches and my throne ... the big, poofy green chair ... out the door. Not only did they do it, they did it in record time. I fell asleep this morning at about 4:30, and had to be up 3 hours later for work.

I think if I combined the hours I've slept since Weds., they wouldn't add up to one full night's sleep. Fortunately, I am off tomorrow and Tuesday. Tuesday's the day phone, cable, and net are installed. I *do* miss the net, but realistically, there's a whole lotta stuff that I have to get done before I can get it up and running. What I will most likely end up doing is setting everything up that I can tomorrow and tuesday, and then crashing ... sometime Tuesday, I'll do laundry (LOTS of laundry!), and then spend my nights over Weds., Thursday, and Friday unpacking, arranging, etc.

As much as I went through, and as much as I've gotten rid of, there's still probably a lot of stuff I've brought over that I don't want or need. With the exception of family mementos (pictures, a Santa that belonged to my grandfather before he passed away, etc) and office supplies, I want no more than four empty boxes in storage. This means that all those lovely Star Trek figures I've collected over the years are going bye bye. I think I'm going to post a message on a couple boards, and offer them for sale collectively for a fair price, and if nobody takes it, then set up a webpage for them. Now, there's some that I'm keeping (Lwaxanna Troi, Sarek), but why did I ever buy Seska as a Cardassian? I was SUCH a completist. But it's time to get rid of them, and probably use the money for something related to my writing - subscription to writer's magazines, paper for the printer, postage stamps, etc. But that's all at least a week or two off.

Well, I'm off shortly, so I'm gonna wrap this up. I doubt I'll be on Tuesday to say anything, but you can check. Most likely, Weds.


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