9/20/01, 5:50 p.m. - We got the house. It's HUGE! 4 bedrooms ... Enough for Derek and I to each have a bedroom and an office ... full basement, living room, dining room, huge kitchen, the works!! We're moving right now .... Well, as much as we can move. I've already arranged for cable, phone, and the net. Just gotta get electric and water in our names, and we're done. It's really expensive, though. It's $800 a month, which is $140 a month more than we were paying before, and I'm gonna have to put more gas in the car, but it's a much better place, much larger, and I think we're both a lot happier. It's a big time stress reliever to have this out of the way! Now comes the part where we have to move things into the new place. I also have to get things out of Kim's basement that we put there the other night. Prepare for fun times ahead! :)

I got a BUNCH of stuff out already, but there's at least a U-haul full left. My bed, a bunch of bookshelves, two couches, two entertainment centers, my desk, a cabinet, two tables (ohhhh I love my dining room table! It's mondo lovely!!)

Rubie .... Gotta love him. It's actually Ruben, but I call him Rubie. He's Derek's cat. I love him to pieces .... He's the cutest cat in the world, and if you don't agree, well, that's your problem! :) ... Derek calls him his "little stud!" because of how cute Ruben's kittens are. Yep, Ruben is a daddy ... He has six adorable kids! Ok, well that's enough talking for now. I gotta get back to work. Until next time!

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