9/14/01, 5:38 p.m. - I do not know why, but I feel numb. Unlike several days before, where I have been filled with terror and hatred, today I just feel numb. I have come to grips with what has happened, at least on some level, and I am looking forward to the day when the people responsible for this have their heads sticking on pikes outside the White House.

I received this picture in email today, apparently from userfriendly.org. I think it is the truest "editorial cartoon" I have ever seen. I share it with you now.

copywrite userfriendly.com, 2001

In the news today, I found several interesting bits of information. First, the Pentagon has reversed themselves again, and said there are 126 total missing. This does not include those who went down with the plane, which makes it around 200 people who may have died, a MUCH better figure than the 800 earlier believed missing or dead.

Congress has approved $40 billion for "recovery and retaliation" against "any and all terrorists" ... This is double what the President had originall asked for, and they specifically said that it is to be considered a down payment. What does this mean? Lots more money will be pumped into this war. Military officials are saying that they are preparing for a sustained war, not a hit-and-run one-time sweep. The Enterprise will be involved. This naval ship is the closest one at the moment, and will be joined by several others, all with long-range missles and hundreds of fighter planes. bin Ladin, you're going down.

The search teams have found (so far) three black boxes. Two of them are from the Pentagon and one is from Pennsylvania. I always thought there was only one black box per plane, as I kept hearing reporters talking about "the" black box. As it turns out, there are two black boxes per plane. One apparently records voice conversations for the past 25 hours. The other records everything else - instrumentation, altitude, etc. Who knew?

You knew it was going to happen. People are going to eBay.com and auctioning off debris, rubble, broken glass, and pictures from the crash sites. They are also auctioning off every book and calendar ever made about the Pentagon, Camp David, and WTC. eBay, in an unprecidented move, stopped every one of those auctions, and will not allow any auction to take place that even mentions the WTC or Pentagon, whether it has anything to do with the attacks or not. I can just hear it now "free speech!" and "we can sell and buy whatever we want!" and things like that. Too bad. I stand behind eBay's decision, and applaud them for it. With all the people trying to make a quick buck at the expense of the victims of this great tradgedy, it's good to see that someone is using good judgement.

Now, onto a completely different subject, I scanned several pictures last night and have added them to the Pictures page.

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