9/13/01, 3:28 p.m. - "In New York, Guiliani said the city had 30,000 body bags available to hold the pieces taken from the rubble, and parts of 70 bodies had been recovered. There were just 94 confirmed dead; 30 or fewer had been identified."

This was just reportered on discoveromaha.com's website. I read earlier that they must have a seperate body bag for each body part, to keep them apart and help reassemble the bodies for funerals, etc. This just gets worse and worse, ya know? On a positive note, the Pentagon has reversed their 800 count from yesterday, and said it's likely to be around 190 people. Bush officials said there were 4,763 people unaccounted for in New York. This, combined with the passangers and Pentagon losses, brings it up to around 5200 people. That's a fraction of the tens of thousands of people feared dead yesterday and the day before.

My mind has slowly adjusted to the fact that we are at war. I am reminded of the Desert Storm war, and the attitude that many people showed the military after that war, and Vietnam. Now, granted, I wasn't even around for Vietnam, but I know the stories, and I've seen the footage and reports.

I have made cracks at the military's expense. I have questioned the amount of money pumped into the military during the peacetime we've enjoyed for so long, and have not shown them the respect they deserve. I was wrong.

I see our troops all over the world, and I see terror in their faces, but I also see a determination that is unrivaled in my experience. When this happened, the collective military did not shy away. They came together and prepared to die to defend their country. They set out to do what is right. They do this not for glory, for honor, or for fame. They do it because it is the right thing to do.

And for that, they deserve our praise and respect over the next several weeks, months, maybe years as World War III begins.

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